Shadows of two person on a wall with graffiti
An old man with raised hands, a boy running and a man holding a mobile in front in this strange street scene
Juxtaposition of two woman on the street, one confident while another fumbling with her bag
Man visibly upset with two woman on the steps of a building while another woman behind also looking at the two
Lady in an advertisement seemingly trying to touch the head of a man passing by the video installation
Lady in an advertisement seemingly trying to kiss a man passing by the video installation
Two person engrossed looking at restaurant menu while a third person looking up as if praying
Silhouette of a person through the side windows of a moving car in a high contrast street photograph
Asian woman walking with her face covered with silhouette of a person behind her
Elderly couple in public display of affection on the streets of Melbourne, Australia
Smoking man juxtaposed within a road safety poster with another woman looking in shock
Small boy closed eyes looking up while trying to feel the pedestrian crossing button in Sydney, Australia
Four people standing at a crossing. Three of them staring blankly while the fourth in a prayer position
Old woman walking with a street performer in all white looking like a rising spirit behind her
White rabbit with silhouetted reflection of a young girl in an urban setup
Street crossing with cars in front with a disproportionately large person with raised hand in the background
Man in poster looking at camera, another walking by and silhouette of two people between them
Man with two grocery bags looking back in panic
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