Street performer in Jakarta still in his ghost makeup drinking water with two surprised girls watching
A lady with her face covered and a man napping on a bench beside the statue of a Japanese anime character in Hong Kong.
Street photograph of a construction worker staring back at a lady passing by in Shanghai, China
Reflection of a pigeon looking surprised while a lady in red walking by in Melbourne, Australia
A girl taking selfie in Tsim Tsa Shui, Hong Kong while a statue of a dog looking at her
A tourist mimicking the gesture of a series of statues while another person looks on
Two workers in Sunda Kelapa cleaning a boat while a person in the background passing by as if running away from work
Street photograph of Hong Kong market with people in front with a person is standing on roof in the background
Humorous photo of a smartly dressed person dancing with a sheep
Cinematic image of a Star Ferry worker trying to dock in a foggy night with a silhouette of a person in the background
Silhouette of a fortune teller through a red tent and another in a red jacket with a light bulb juxtaposed on his head
Dramatic night scene of people around a fire with a cross in the background
Photographer bending to the right with two women in background bending the opposite side
Street scene of a busy city street corner with an old lady and a child in a pram looking at each other
Cinematic street scene of a person walking through red light with another person watching him surprised
Person seen through a red rectangular structure
Woman looking straight, man with head down, both sitting while another standing, all with intense emotional gesture
Man in green jacket with devilish smile with a partially hidden parrot looking tensed in the front
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