Sunlight reflecting from a building in Hong Kong
Hot air balloon flying against early morning sun in Melbourne, Australia
Evening golden light illuminating a cross and a lion badge of Tasmania, Australia
Deep red dusk sky with a single white cloud looking like an emoticon in Melbourne, Australia
Old Victorian building at dusk partially illuminated by a street light in Hobart, Tasmania
Lights from windows of a suburban home in the night giving a mysterious feeling to the scene
Bright headlights of a tram through early morning fog in Melbourne, Australia
Single car on a deserted suburban road in a winter night in Maribyrnong, Victoria
Warm street lights creating a juxtaposition with cool floodlights of a playground in the night
Splashes of bright red light creating mysterious ambience
Single tree and single building in an otherwise empty scene during the blue light of a foggy winter morning
Windows from inside a hotel room with partial view of Shanghai, China in a raining day
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