I am a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. In sequence of my life events, first came the urge to tell stories and then choosing photography as the medium to do that. 

Many will say that I am a 'Street Photographer'. Maybe. But through my photography I am not trying to document human condition or to keep a historically accurate document of an era. Though all my images are a candid and unstaged slice of a moment on the street, my intention is to use these moments to create my own universe. 

My influences are movies, graphic novels and life itself. And I try to create work which are simple, bold and imaginative.

Hopefully, when someone look at my images, they think of an imaginary world. A world which is based on truth but is stranger than fiction.

Group Exhibition

Awards, Recognitions and Interviews

Publication / Clients

  • Metropolis Magazine, Japan
  • Braun Design Photo Book, Germany
  • Femina, India
  • World Street Photography Book, 4th Edition (2017)
  • Secret of Fun, Australia
  • Moonlight Broadcast, Australia
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